Invest in Uhaul

Everyone knows what Uhaul is. Everyone has seen Uhaul trucks driving around their towns. Did you know that you can become an investor in Uhaul for as little as $100? I’m not talking about purchasing their stock. I’m talking about helping them purchase equipment. Go to and there you will have options to invest in different types of Uhaul equipment whether it be trucks or furniture dolly’s or even property. They have rather attractive returns as well. For example they are offering 4.15% yield on a 5 year investment for a trailer that they want to purchase. And you can start with as little as $100 and they pay you back little by little each quarter. Until you receive your initial investment back plus your interest that you earned. Unlike a typical Certificate of Deposit from a bank where they are only paying you at most 3% and you have to wait until the full 5 years before you receive any money back! This is definitely something to look in to.