Retail Arbitrage

I do retail arbitrage a couple hours a week. I have a seller account on Amazon and I do Amazon FBA. What I do is I go to local thrift stores like Goodwill and Savers and I look for books and products that are cheap enough for me to resell on Amazon. I box everything up once a week and ship it off to an Amazon warehouse where they deal with the customer service and shipping and all that good stuff. I make about $25.00 profit a week doing this. Now keep in mind that I don’t necessarily go out of my way to drive all around to different thrift stores. If I happen to be in the vicinity as one then I will stop in. Am I going to get rich by doing this? Absolutely not but by doing this, I am making roughly an extra $100 a month which is $1200 a year. And that my friends is a mortgage payment, several car payments, Christmas shopping or even money to just put away. But like I said I am only doing this a couple hours a week. There is definitely huge potential in retail arbitrage.