Deluttr is a free app that you can make quick cash with. You can sell old phones, CDs, DVDs, games, books, tablets and more. All you have to do scan the item’s barcode through the app and it will give you an instant price that Decluttr is willing to pay you for it. Once you have some item’s that you are ready to get rid of then you can request a shipping label that you can print out and put on any random box you have lying around your house and mail your item’s through UPS to Decluttr and they will pay you for them once they arrive at their warehouse either through paypal or a check can get mailed to you. It really is pretty simple. What I have done is go to local book sales or thrift shops and check out the book and DVD section. I will spend about a half hour scanning those items and will usually come out with about $30 profit.

Like everything else on this site. It isn’t intended to make you rich but it is intended to give you a little extra money in your pocket so do with it what you will.