If you ever want to retire happy then you need to do more than just work for your money. You need your money to work for you as well. Simply put, investments. The only type of stocks that I like to deal with are dividend stocks which are stocks that pay me ever quarter for every share that I own of that company. An example is Ford stock pays me $0.15 per share. Is that alot of money? Absolutely not, however, obviously the more shares you own, the more money you will make. And it also pays alot more than just having that money sit in a bank account making no money. But dividend stocks are just my personal preference, there are many different types of investments that suit every individuals needs. There’s growth stocks where you buy low and sell high. Or if you are uncomfortable about the stock market then maybe real estate investments are better for you. You can get started very easily with either Etrade or Ameritrade for stocks or Fundrise for real estate. If you aren’t investing any money though, you are wrong.

I know many people are uneasy with Bitcoin. No one is really sure what to make of it and I get that. However, I also don’t want to keep telling myself that Bitcoin is a terrible investment when I have already said that when it was trading at $100 (at the time of writing this 1 Bitcoin is worth $6500) so I have decided to invest a little each week. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going all in on Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, but I am buying a tiny bit each week as a long term play because no one really knows how high the price can go with Bitcoin and if it goes to $0 then that’s why I only invested a tiny amount each week. Nothing that will ruin me financially. Remember with any investment, only invest what you can afford to lose. When you invest you should get into the habit of assuming that money is gone so you shouldn’t be taking out a second mortgage or anything crazy like that with any type of investment. If you would like to try and ride the crypto wave with me then sign up here and Coinbase will give you $10 in free Bitcoin.

If you still don’t feel comfortable investing in Bitcoin then you can become a Bitcoin miner by simply just using the internet like you normally would! Click here to download cryptobrowser. Cryptobrowser is a search engine that mines Bitcoin while you surf the web. It syncs with Google Chrome so you can still save all of your passwords and all that good stuff.

Another app that I like to use is an app called Acorns. What it does is once you link your credit cards and debit cards to the app it will do what they call “round ups” on your purchases. So for example if you bought something that cost $7.51 the app will round up to $8.00 and then take that additional $0.49 and put it into the app and invest that spare change for you. It may not seem like a lot but obviously the more you buy, the more you will end up investing. I like to think of it as a glorified piggy bank that instead of sitting in a jar it actually puts my spare change to work for me. Plus they will give you $5.00 just for signing up so what are you waiting for? Sign up here