This site was created to give you ideas on how to make money and how to save money. There are no get rich quick schemes in here so if that is what you are after, you are in the wrong place. This is also not a place that I will give you links to take surveys to sites that will say “make $50 for every survey you take!!!” and then after you fill out all of your personal information they will then turn around and say “sorry, but you don’t qualify for any surveys at this time”. So if that is what you are looking for then, once again, you are in the wrong place.

I am also not going to be emptying out my entire life savings just to take a picture of a wad of $100 bills or posing next to a Ferrari that is parked somewhere and claim that it is mine to try and sell you a course that will make you millions. Because I don’t have a course that will make you millions because if I did I would be keeping that a secret and certainly wouldn’t be selling it. (No offense). And by the way, neither does anyone else so beware of buying into the hype of all these “courses” out there.

I am simply going to be providing a little education and hopefully a little motivation for you to make a little extra and/or to save a little extra every month. Did you know that according to the Social Security Administration the average American makes roughly $46,641 a year. The median salary is only $30,533. So my goal is to help stretch that salary by providing tips to save more money and I’m also going to be providing ideas on how to receive more than one source of income as well.

The Richest Man in Babylon is a fantastic book and is also a classic in financial literature. I will recommend this book to anyone and everyone. It is a MUST read for anyone who actually want to retire. It teaches you about paying yourself first, living below your means, making your money work for you and having a retirement plan. Just to name a few subjects taught in the book.